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Mutton Bustin' Arena Registration

Congratulations on being selected as one of the Mutton Bustin' contestants during the 2022 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo!

Please download and complete the Mutton Bustin' Checklist, Contestant Release Form & Medical Questionnaire below.

The notarized release form, medical questionnaire and copy of Birth Certificate must be mailed to address below no later than date listed on acceptance email.

Mutton Bustin' Team
106 Cherokee Lane
San Antonio, Texas 78232

2022 Mutton Bustin' Arena Registration

Please enter your child's name and registration information exactly as listed on your confirmation paperwork and original registration. All payments will be matched and confirmed with selected Mutton Bustin' participant records.

Any payments received for entries that do not match up with a selected participant's information and date & time of ride will not result in a legitimate Mutton Bustin' registration and no refunds will be given for these registration attempts. Thank you for adhering to this policy!


Competition Times:
  • Thursday, Feb 10th - 7:00
  • Friday, Feb 11th - 7:00
  • Saturday, Feb 12th @ 1:00
  • Saturday, Feb 12th @ 7:00
  • Sunday, Feb 13th @ 1:00
  • Sunday, Feb 13th - Friday, Feb 18th @ 7:00
  • Saturday, Feb 19th @ 1:00
  • Saturday, Feb 19th @ 7:00
  • Sunday, Feb 20th @ 1:00
  • No Mutton Bustin on Sunday, Feb 20th @ 7:00
  • Monday, February 21st @ 7:00
  • Tuesday, Feb 22nd @ 7
  • Wednesday, Feb 23rd @ 7:00
  • Thursday, February 24th @ 7:00
  • Friday, February 25th @ 7:00
  • Saturday, February 26th @ 1:00
  • No Mutton Bustin on Finals

Parent or Guardian

Registration Fee

Mutton Bustin' registration

I understand that all sales are final. There will not be any refunds if the registration is not completed with appropriate forms, releases, etc. by January 7, 2022. The contestant must also follow the ride rules of 4-7 years of age and weigh no more than 55 lbs. at the time of their ride. We are sorry, but no exceptions to these requirements will be made - we hope you are looking forward to a great experience!
Please agree to the statement above

* As directed in your confirmation letter, a complete registration consists of:

1. Completed and Notarized Contest Release Form
2. Completed Medical Questionnaire Form
3. Copy of your Child's Birth Certificate
4. $50 non-refundable Ride Fee must be paid online.

Original documents must be mailed and received by your specified deadline date in your letter to confirm your registration. All rules stated in your confirmation letter will apply.

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