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Premium List

The Competitive Events Premium List includes schedules, fees, scholarship information, premium payouts, and all rules and regulations regarding the Open Shows, Junior Ag Mechanics Contest, Junior Livestock Show and Junior Shoot-Out. For complete information regarding a contest or show, please refer to the Premium List. All times and locations are subject to change.

Online Entries & Forms

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Entries may be submitted through the CEA/AST/CTE/STEM Portal or through the Exhibitor/Parent portal for approval by AST/CEA/CTE-STEM Director. Entries must be submitted by November 20, 2023, if submitted through the Exhibitor/Parent portal or by December 1, 2023, if submitted through the CEA/AST/CTE/STEM Portal.

2024 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo Online Entry System (Junior AND Open Shows)

You will NOT need to mail anything but payment if you choose to pay by check instead of card. No paperwork needs to be mailed.



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