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Premium List

The Livestock Premium List and Junior Shoot-Out Rules includes schedules, fees, scholarship information, premium payouts, and all rules and regulations regarding the Junior Livestock Show and Junior Shoot-Out. For complete information regarding a contest or show, please refer to the Premium List. All times and locations are subject to change.

Livestock Newsletter Update 1/14/2021

Arrival Information

Livestock Staging & Trailer Lot
All Livestock and Ag Mechanics projects must first report to the Salado Creek Property - Livestock Trailer Lot . Starting at 3 p.m. on Tuesday, February 9th, the lot will be open 24 hours a day for arrivals. Groups wishing to stall together must arrive at the Salado Creek Property together. Exhibitors should expect to fill out a Trailer Release at the Salado Tent upon arrival. The phone numbers written on the Trailer Release will be sent a text message with stalling information once stalls have been assigned. The lot will also serve as the location to check health papers (if applicable).


Check the 2021 Livestock Premium List for Arrival Deadlines. This is the time you must have arrived at the Salado Creek Property
Bringing a breeding animal? Make sure you have your original registration certificate and health papers.

Past Weight Breaks

Click here to see the past weight breaks.

Broadcast & Sale Previews

Can't make it to any of the Junior Livestock Show? Check out the broadcast by Walton Webcasting below.

2/11/2021 Shows

7AM Start Time - Crossbred Gilt Show -

7AM Start Time - Purebred Gilt Show -

2/12/2021 Shows

7 AM Start Time - Purebred Gilt Show -

8 AM Start Time - Dairy Cattle Show -

9 AM Start Time - Crossbred Gilt Preview -
2021 Sale Gilt Videos
2021 Crossbred Gilt Sale

1 PM Start Time - Market Broilers, Turkey Hens, Turkey Toms

2/14 Shows

7AM Start: Jr. Commercial Ewes -

Junior Breeding Sheep Show(After Ewes) -

7AM Start: Jr. Commercial Does -

Jr. Breeding Boer Goats(After Does) -

2/20 Shows

7AM: Jr. Market Goats -

7AM: Jr. Market Lambs -

2/22 Shows

7AM: Jr. Market Barrows Group 1 -

2/23 Shows

7AM: Jr. Market Barrows Group 1 -

7AM: Jr. Market Steers Group 1 -

7:30AM: Commercial Steer Speeches -

2/25 Shows

7AM: Jr. Market Barrows Group 2 -

7:30AM: Jr. Market Steers Group 2 -

2/26 Shows

7:30AM: Jr. Market Steers Group 2 -

2021 Shows, Contests & Skillathons Info

Junior Agricultural Mechanics

Click here for more all info and documents.

Junior Shoot-Out

Click here for the rules and more.

Junior Commercial Steers

Click here for the record book system. Get the instructions and study guide here.


Breeding Beef Heifers

Brad Bennett; Cookeville, TN (Brahman, Beefmaster, Santa Gertrudis, Angus, Limousin, Charolais, Red Angus, ORB)

Kyndal Reitzenstein; Kersey, CO (Simbrah, Red Brangus, Brangus, ARB, Hereford, Simmental, Shorthorn, Chianina, Maine-Anjou)

Breeding Dairy Heifers

Ms. Tammy Voegeli, WI

Breeding Angora Goats

Mr. Eddie Holland; Bluffton, TX

Breeding Boer Goats

Mr. Colby Redifer; Columbia, MO

Commercial Does

Dr. Ryan Page; Parsons, KS

Breeding Sheep & Commercial Ewes

Mrs. Casey Sidwell; Gill, CO

Breeding Gilts

Mr. AJ Genter; Archbold, OH
Mr. Austin Thompson; Kokomo, IN (Associate Gilt Judge)
Mr. Doug Albright; Coldwater, MI (Crossbred Gilts)

Market Steers

Dr. Scott Schaake; Westmoreland, KS
Dr. Parker Henley; Stillwater, OK (Associate Steer Judge)

Market Barrows

Mr. Carey Mittelstaedt; Chickasha, OK (Berkshire, Hampshire, Duroc, Chester White, Landrace)
Mr. Ben Moyer; Wauseon, OH (Spot, Poland China, Dark Crossbred, Yorkshire, Crossbred)

Market Goats

Dr. Scott Greiner; Christiansburg, VA

Market Lambs

Dr. Shawn Ramsey; Navasota, TX

Market Turkey Hens

Mr. Jacob Price; Katy, TX

Market Turkey Toms

Mr. Brian Lowe; McKinney, TX

Market Broilers

Mr. Glenn Clinard; Round Rock, TX


Contact the Livestock Office with any questions at 210.225.0575 or at


Livestock Show


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