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2024 Rodeo Ticket Help

Need help figuring out how to view, sell or transfer your tickets? See the below videos that will help!

Ticket Reminders:

  1. All tickets must be accessed through your mobile device.
  2. Please make sure to login through your mobile device to access, view or add tickets to your mobile wallet.
  3. Tickets cannot be placed onto your mobile device from anything (i.e. desktop/laptop) outside of your mobile device.
  4. Please do not forward or transfer tickets to yourself as this causes issues with the ticketing system.
  5. Please ensure your mobile device is not in dark mode as the scanners will not be able to read the tickets.
  6. Questions regarding digital ticketing can be answered by calling the Ticket Office at 210.225.5851.

Did you resell tickets?

If you have sold your tickets, Ticketmaster will process and send the payout amount to your checking account within 7-10 days after the event date.

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