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Sunday, February 26, 2017  |  1:00 PM - 5:00 PM
The Expo Hall on the Freeman Coliseum Grounds- Click here to view map

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Ranch Rodeos are a throwback to the old west when neighboring ranches would get together to see whose cowboys were the best riders, the best ropers and generally the toughest hands. It puts teams of real working cowboys in direct competition with one another in events similar to the tasks they face every day such as steer loading, calf branding, roping and tying. Throughout the year, over 200 of the best brush hands, day-working cowboys, ranch hands and cattle crews strive to make the cut for the San Antonio Ranch Rodeo.

Only six teams comprised of five contestants each are invited to participate in the prestigious San Antonio Ranch Rodeo, which assures spectators a “best of the best” ranch rodeo showcase. The teams will compete in six events, such as the milk race, the rescue race and the hide race. The team with the fastest aggregate time will be crowned the 2017 San Antonio Ranch Rodeo Champion. The coveted titles of “Top Hand” and “Top Horse” will also be awarded to deserving recipients. The San Antonio Ranch Rodeo is an exceptionally exciting event which has historically drawn a “packed house” of enthusiastic spectators.

2016 Ranch Rodeo Results

First Place - Thompson Ranches

Second Place - Roan Ranch

Third Place - Nunez Cattle Company

Top Hand - Matt Meador, Thompson Ranches

Top Horse - Ty Brzozowski, Briscoe Ranch

Little Ranch Hands - Thompson Ranches

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