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How to Participate:

Entries will open November 1, 2021
To be eligible, Calf Scramble participants must meet the following requirements.
  • Participants must be be bonafide members of a Texas County 4-H Club or FFA Chapter.
  • Participants must have reached their 12th, but not their 18th birthday on January 1 and not be enrolled beyond their Junior year in high school.
  • Participants must be selected by their CEA or AST.
  • Participants may only be awarded one (1) San Antonio Calf Scramble Purchase Certificate during his/her FFA or 4-H career.

Calf Scramble Donation Letter

Calf Scramble Photos:

Check out the 2021 Calf Scramble Action & Award Shots here.


Entries open November 1, 2021.
Entries may be submitted by AST/CEA's portal or through the Parent portal for approval by AST/CEA's. Entries must be submitted by November 20, 2021 if submitted through the parent portal or by December 1, 2021 if submitted through the AST/CEA portal.

Click here to submit entries for Calf Scramble.

Calf Scramble Reporting System:

Please click here for access.

Contact the Calf Scramble Committee with any questions at 210.225.0575 or cscramble@sarodeo.com.

Sponsor The Calf Scramble

If you are interested in sponsoring the Calf Scramble program, please see the below brochure and fill out the form.

Calf Scramble Sponsor

Sponsor Contact Info

I agree to the terms and conditions

Sponsor Level

Platinum Calf Donor
$2,600 to $7,999
Donation Includes:
- All Century Calf Benefits
- Platinum Calf Sponsor Plaque inscribed with your name, presented to you in arena during the Calf Scramble event
- Two Silver Sponsor Badges
- Two Rodeo Star Experience Ticket
Century Calf Donor
$1400 to $2599
Donation Includes:
- All Golden Calf Benefits
- Century Calf Sponsor Plaque inscribed with your name
- Your name announced during the Calf Scramble
- Two Season Grounds Admission Passes
- Your name printed on Calf Scramble literature
Golden Calf Donor
$1000 to $1399
Donation Includes:
- Golden Calf Sponsor Plaque inscribed with your name
- Two Guest Badges
- Two Lapel Bins
I prefer to make a charitable donation with no goods or services.
2021 Calf Scramble Donation
$999 or less

Do you want a plaque inscription? *Available for Platinum, Century, & Golden Calf*

Committee Referral

Calf Scramble Page Donation

Plaque Inscription Info

Committee Member Referral Name

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Calf Scramble


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