As one of the largest market hog shows in the nation, this is one of the highlights of the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo. A two person judging panel will evaluate thousands of barrows shown by Texas 4-H and FFA members. Barrows are shown by weight within their respective breed. Breeds competing are Berkshire, Chester White, Crossbred, Dark Crossbred, Duroc, Hampshire, Landrace, Poland China, Spot, and Yorkshire. Exhibitors are hopeful to place high enough in their class to earn a spot in the Junior Livestock Auction. Judges rank the barrows on various traits including expected carcass value and skeletal correctness.

More rules and information can be found in the Livestock Premium List.

Schedule of Events

Junior Market Barrow ShowFebruary 187amSwine Barn Arena
Junior Market Barrow ShowFebruary 197amSwine Barn Arena
Junior Market Barrow ShowFebruary 217amSwine Barn Arena
Junior Market Barrow ShowFebruary 227am Swine Barn Arena
Junior Market Barrow AuctionFebruary 234pmAuction Barn


2018 Junior Market Barrow Show Rules


Swine Barn - Click here to view map


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