AST/CEA Online Entry Login 

Please click the Online Entry Login button to direct you to the Online Entry Systems. All required documentation and other worksheets can be found below below.

Entry Deadlines

Calf Scramble - November 1, 2018*

Junior Livestock Show - December 1, 2018*

Junior Agricultural Mechanics - December 1, 2018*

Junior Shoot-Out - December 1, 2018*

Open Livestock Show - December 15, 2018

Intercollegiate Judging Contests - January 15, 2019

*via online entry system by AST/CEA only 

Junior Show Entry Submission Check Sheet

Junior Livestock Show

2019 Junior Show Late Entry + Entry Certification

2019 Junior Show Entry Certification (Only)

2019 Junior Show Animal Substitution

2019 Junior Show Exhibitor Substitution

2019 Team Contest Late Entry Form + Release Form

2019 Team Contest Release Form (Only)

2019 Ag Public Speaking Statement of Originality 

Junior Agricultural Mechanics

2019 Ag Mechanics Late Entry Form + Release Form

2019 Ag Mechanics Marketplace Late Entry Form + Release Form

2019 Ag Mechanics Add/Drop Form

2019 Ag Mechanics Project Substitution Form

Junior Shoot-Out

The late entry deadline has passed.

Calf Scramble 

2019 Calf Scramble Entry Worksheet + Release Forms + Medical Questionnaire

2019 Calf Scramble Schedule

Open Livestock Show

2019 Open Show Late Entry Form + Entry Certification    

2019 Open Show Certification (Only)

2019 Open Show Additional Animal Form

2019 Open Show Group Class Entry Form

2019 Open Show Animal Substitution Form

Intercollegiate Judging

2019 Intercollegiate Judging Contest Entry Form

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