About Ranch Sorting

Ranch Sorting is a western-style equestrian sport that evolved from the common ranch work of separating cattle into pens for branding, doctoring, or transport. Quick horses, determined riders, and a touch of luck are the main components of a winning team in this sport. Each team includes two riders. Cattle are numbered from 0-9, the announcer draws a number to begin with, and each team then has 60 seconds to sort the numbered cattle in numerical order- increasing in sequence from the starting number. Teamwork is the key with both riders working in harmony to sort out the correct cattle and drive them to a pen while keeping the wrong numbered cattle back.

For the Contestants:

  • Entry Deadline
    • Mail-In: January 15, 2018
    • Online: January 25, 2018

Entry Form:

To enter please visit: www.rsnc.us

Schedule of Events:

Ranch Sorting - February 14-15, 2018 | 7:30am | Expo Hall


Horse Show Arena - Click here to view map


2018 Ranch Sorting Flyer

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