About the Barrel Race

Barrel Racing contestants compete against the clock to run a cloverleaf pattern around three barrels. The horse and rider are allowed a running start and time is recorded by a highly accurate electronic eye. The contestant may begin on the left or the right side; however, the contestant is disqualified if he/she turns incorrectly around a barrel. Touching a barrel is permitted, however knocking over a barrel results in a "no-time."

A good Barrel Racing horse must possess not only speed and agility, but also a good temperament and a big heart. American Quarter Horses are often favored for this event because of their ability to sprint short distances and turn on a dime. American Paint Horses, Appaloosas, and Pintos are also popular mounts. The majority of contestants in barrel racing are women, but quite a few male competitors have also made their mark in the world of barrel racing.

Schedule of Events:

Barrel Race - February 10-11, 2020 | 8:00am | Expo Hall

Entry Deadlines:

Mail-in entries: January 15, 2020
Online entries: January 25, 2020

Entry Form:

2020 Barrel Race Online Entry Form

Premium List Section:

2020 Barrel Race Rules & Information

2019 Results:

Feb 11- Open 5D Barrel Race
Feb 11- Adult 4D Incentive
Feb 11- Senior 4D Incentive
Feb 11- Youth 4D Barrel Race
Feb 11- Youth 8 & Under Incentive
Feb 11- Youth 9-12 Incentive
Feb 11- Youth 13-15 Incentive
Feb 11- Youth 16-18 Incentive
Feb 11- Open 4D Poles
Feb 11- Youth 4D Poles Incentive   
Feb 12 - Open 5D Barrel Race
Feb 12 - Adult 4D Incentive
Feb 12 - Senior 4D Incentive
Feb 12 - Youth 4D Barrel Race
Feb 12 - Youth 8 & Under Incentive
Feb 12 - Youth 9-12 Incentive 
Feb 12 - Youth 13-15 Incentive
Feb 12- Youth 16-18 Incentive
Feb 12 - Open 4D Poles
Feb 12 - Youth 4D Poles Incentive

2019 Average Results:

Open 5D Average Incentive
Youth Average for Scholarship

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