The Breeding Sheep Show consists of six different purebred breeds including Dorper, Hampshire, Rambouillet, Southdown, Suffolk, and White Dorper*. Each of these breeds offer unique traits to the sheep industry. Exhibitors may bring ewe lambs, yearling ewes, and aged ewes for competition. The Breeding Goat Show is made up of Angora and Boer goats, both does and bucks. Angoras are known for their mohair and are judged on the quality of their mohair along with other physical characteristics. Boer goats have become popular for their added meat production compared to other breeds of goats. The age of goats that are exhibited range from kids to mature does and bucks. The Junior Wether Dam Show is intended to be an exhibition for ewes suited for club lamb production. Similarly, the Junior Wether Doe Show is intended for does suited for market wether production. Breeding females are not required to be registered within a breed association to participate in the Junior Wether Dam or Junior Wether Doe show.  After their show career is over, these animals become the foundation for the Texas 4-H and FFA member’s own herd.

General Rule #25 of the 2017 Livestock Premium List:

25. Show Equipment: Livestock shows provide an opportunity for the general public to be exposed to agricultural exhibits. Exhibitors should be mindful of the show equipment being used and the manner in which it is being used. Show Management or Livestock Committee Leadership/Ring Stewards reserve the right to decide what constitutes acceptable show equipment and how the equipment is being used by the exhibitor. Cable halters and pronged chains are prohibited for all species.

Schedule of Events

Junior Breeding Angora Goat ShowFebruary 9, 2017Open Show at 8:00 am followed by Junior ShowMorris Activity Center Arena
Junior Wether Doe ShowFebruary 9, 20176:00 pmMorris Activity Center Arena
Junior Breeding Boer Goat Show February 10, 2017Open Show at 7:00 am followed by Junior ShowMorris Activity Center Arena
Junior Wether Dam Show February 12, 20178:00 am Morris Activity Center Arena
Junior Breeding Sheep ShowFebruary 12, 2017 Following Wether Dams Morris Activity Center Arena


2017 Junior Breeding Sheep & Goat Show Rules

2017 Animal Health Requirements -Updated 1/17/2017 (Wether Dams and Wether Does must follow the same Animal Health Requirements as Breeding Sheep and Breeding Goats, respectively)


2017 Junior Breeding Angora Goat Results

2017 Junior Breeding Boer Goat Results

2017 Junior Breeding Sheep Show Results

2017 Junior Wether Dam Results

2017 Junior Wether Doe Results

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