All Calf Scramble Monthly Reports will be posted here in an editable version for your convenience. Monthly Reports will be species specific and will cover a different topics such as Animal Selection, Animal Care, Nutrition, etc. Monthly Reports are due by the 20th of the respective month (see below). They must be emailed to [email protected] in PDF Format. The title for the email should read “Calf Scramble Report-Exhibitor Name-Month."

Monthly Reports will be posted on the following dates:

June 1 (Due June 20)

August 1 (Due August 20)

October 1 (Due October 20)

November 1 (Due November 20)

December 1 (Due January 20 as a part of Final Report Book 

Please refer to the 2017-2018 Calf Scramble Rules and Guidelines to review all expectations for your Calf Scramble Project.

Contact the Calf Scramble office with any questions at 210-225-0575 or [email protected]


2017-2018 Calf Scramble Rules and Guidelines

2017-2018 ARB/ORB Requirements

2017 Calf Scramble Monthly Report Example

2017 Calf Scramble Monthly Report-Doe-June

2017 Calf Scramble Monthly Report-Ewe-June

2017 Calf Scramble Monthly Report-Gilt-June

2017 Calf Scramble Monthly Report-Heifer-June

Monthly Reports

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