Horse Show Volunteer FAQs

    1) How can I volunteer during the Horse Shows?

You can join the Horse Show Commitee. The first step is to apply. Complete the Volunteer Application and mail it in. Don't forget to indicate on your application that you would like to join the Horse Show Committee.

If you do not have internet access or are unable to print the form, you can obtain one by calling the Horse Show Office at (210) 225-1309. The deadline for applying to become a volunteer is May 31st each year. If you have missed the deadline for this year, we encourage you to apply for next year.

General Information FAQs

1) What are the stalls like?

Our stall barn, built in 2010, houses approximately 750 stalls. The stalls are approximately 10' x 10' and are on concrete.

2) If I have prepaid for stalls and passes will the stall reservations and passes be sent to me prior to my arrival at the show?

No, prepaid stalls and passes will be distributed to you upon arrival at the Horse Arrival Station.

3) Do I have to pay for a stall if I am arriving and departing on the same day or if I will not be using it?

Yes, all animals are required to have a stall for each show they are entered in.
4) Do I have to pay two separate stall fees if I am entered in NCHA Cutting and entered in cutting classes during the Quarter Horse Show?  What if I am cross-entering in AQHA, APHA, or Open Horse Show?

No. If you show in the NCHA Cutting, and also enter the AQHA Cutting classes you do not have to purchase another stall. If you show in AQHA classes held on any other day, however, you will need to purchase a stall.  If you are cross-entered in the AQHA, APHA, or Open Horse Show you only need one stall per horse. 

5) If I arrive before the posted arrival time for the show(s) that I am entered in, will I have the opportunity to stall my horse(s) in a stall on the grounds?

No, if you are in need of a stall(s) before/after the designated times of arrival/departure for your show, please call the Horse Show Office at (210) 225-1309 for a list of available stables in the area. A list of stables is also available at http://www.horsegazette.com/Texas_Stable_Directory.html.
6) Can I bring my own personal shavings, extra feed and hay into the fair grounds?

Yes, you can bring a reasonable amount of shavings, hay and feed onto the grounds. Exhibitors are encouraged to purchase supplies at the stock show's on-site Feed Store, open daily Feed Store from 6:00 am to Midnight. Purchases benefit the S.A.L.E. scholarship fund.

7) What are the Health Requirements for Horses?

It is the responsibility of the owner and exhibitor to ensure that each animal meets the health requirements according to the Texas Animal Health Commission. All animals must be in accordance with current TAHC rules (Texas Animal Health Commmission) and requirements are subject to change. There will be no exceptions to health requirements. Have your veterinarian check requirements before issuing health papers.

You can find health requirements in the current San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo Horse Show Premium List.


8) Will there be Veterinarians, Farriers, & First Aid on the grounds?
For the convenience of exhibitors, the stock show arranges to have veterinarians, farriers, and first aid available. Exhibitors are not required to use these suppliers. These suppliers do not donate their services or medications and fees should be discussed before treatment. Locations for these services will be posted at the Horse Arrival Station, Horse Show Office, and all unloading areas.

9) Are RV Hookups available on the grounds?
No, there are no RV Hookups available on the grounds. There are two campsites within 2 miles of the grounds that have RV hookups: Dixie Kampground (210) 337-6501 and KOA Kampground (210) 224-9296.
10) Where can I find directions to the Stock Show Grounds?

11) Where can I find a list of Hotels in the area?

The Official Host Hotel of the Horse Show is the Mainstay Suites near the AT&T Center Grounds. Exhibitors will receive a special exhibitor rate if they mention the Horse Show when booking a stay during the Rodeo.

MainStay Suites

6900 IH 35 North
San Antonio, Texas 78218
Phone: (210) 798-3900
Fax: (210) 798-1891
Toll Free: 1 (800) 210-4255

View a list of additional hotels in the area.

12) Is there a warm-up arena?
Yes, the indoor warm-up arena is approximately 100' x 200' and is in an adjoining portion of the Expo Hall. Some shows may have use of an alternate indoor area adjacent to the show arena.
13) What are the dimensions of the show arena in the Expo Hall?
The indoor show arena is 125' x 300', though the setup and arena size may vary by show.
14) Will pets be allowed on the fairgrounds during the Stock Show & Rodeo?
Pets of any kind will not be allowed on the grounds at any time because of safety and public health regulations. This rule will be strictly enforced and applies to exhibitors, their employees, and Stock Show visitiors.
15) Are we allowed to stay in our horse trailer on the grounds if it is equipped with living quarters?
No, there will be a parking lot for exhibitors to drop their trailers, but you may not stay in your trailer on the grounds. You will need to take your trailer to one of the campgrounds near the grounds that has the facilities for trailers with living quarters if you intend to stay in your trailer.

Online Entry Form FAQs

1) How do I enter the Horse Shows online?
You can enter online at www.sarodeo.com for the NCHA Cutting, Youth Rodeo, Quarter Horse Show, Paint Horse Show, Open Horse Show and Barrel Race. Horse Skillathon entries are mail-in only.  For Team Penning, please contact USTPA.

Barrel Racing Events FAQs

1) Do I have to purchase a stall for my horse if I am not going to use it?
Yes, each horse entered in the Barrel Racing Events must purchase a stall. We require all horses on the grounds to have a stall.
2) Is there a dress code for the Barrel Racing Events?
Yes, a long sleeve shirt, boots, and hat are required.
3) How often is the ground worked during the barrel racing?
Every five runs, the ground is dragged.

4) Do you have to be a NBHA member to participate in the barrel racing?

No, you don't have to be a NBHA member to particpate. All classes are open to NBHA members & non members alike. There will not be any non member charges. Youth 4D Barrels will be open to riders 18 & under as of January 1. Senior 4D Barrels will be 40 & over as of day of show. The show will be run by NBHA rules where applicable unless otherwise posted, all other rules will be set by the show staff; all staff decisions will be final.

5) Are the Barrel Racing Events run with a center alley or a side gate?

The Barrel Racing Events are run with a center alley.

NCHA Cutting FAQs

1) When will the draw be posted for the NCHA Cutting?
The draw will be posted by 5:00 pm the day prior to the class.
2) Do I have to be a member of NCHA to enter the competition?
Yes, all owners of horses as well as riders must be members in good standing with the National Cutting Horse Association (NCHA) to participate in the competition. The show secretary will ask to see your current membership card before you are allowed to show.

Youth Rodeo FAQs

1) Can an exhibitor "enter up" (enter a higher age division)?

No, exhibitors must show in the correct age division.  Ages are determined as of August 31, 2013.

2) I read we need the signature of our AST/CEA.  Who is that? 

The AST/CEA is your Ag Science Teacher/County Extension Agent.  This signature is required for Youth Rodeo exhibitors aged 9-18 to verify their membership in 4-H or FFA.

AQHA Competition FAQs

1) When is the deadline to enter the Quarter Horse Show?

The last date to enter online without a late fee is January 25th. For complete details, please see the online premium book. Entries at the show will incur a $50 late fee. At show entries are CASH ONLY.

Select Sale and Ranch Gelding Sale FAQs

1) What is the deadline for entering a horse in the sale?
Our horse sales are managed by Segraves & Associates.  Please contact them directly for information, including deadlines and fees.  Call (972) 775-2880 or email mail@DDSegraves.com

Paint Horse Show FAQs

1) Where can I find entry information and an entry form for the Paint Horse Show?

Online Entry:


Printable Entry Forms

Premium Book

Open Horse Show FAQs

1) Does my horse have to be registered with any associations to enter the Open Horse Show?
No, any unregistered or registered horse can be entered in the Open Horse Show. The show will be judged according to American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) rules.
2) What is the dress code for the Open Horse Show?
Please see the Premium List for dress code details.

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